S4 Ep1 The Chameleon Chris Hadnagy

Episode 1 August 31, 2021 00:47:17
S4 Ep1 The Chameleon Chris Hadnagy
A Most Unusual T Party
S4 Ep1 The Chameleon Chris Hadnagy

Aug 31 2021 | 00:47:17


Show Notes

Show Notes Chris Hadnagy from Social Engineer LLC



Innocent Lives Foundation

Handwriting analysis starts at the 30 minute mark.


1:45 How did your early career resemble that of a conman?

2:46 When did you realize you had a talent for persuasion?

3:50 When did you first hear about Frank Abagnale and Kevin Mitnick and make the correlation between you and them?

5:44 The “That’s crazy! I can’t do that” vs “That would be so much fun would it be to try!” conversation

7:11 The irresistible challenge of “because it doesn’t work that way”

8:21 The weirdness of “Goal accomplished, what now?”

8:34 Have no fear, like a psychopath?

8:40 Where does Chris rate on the scale and why

9:26 The core belief of what separates a true, professional social engineer from a malicious one and corporate motto

10:49 Positive emotions vs guilt or shame to make a massive change in someone’s security posture

11:50 Example of a good phishing email scenario vs a malicious one 

14:50 Would you learn boxing from this person?

15:45 The number one red flag of a successful scam

19:11 How does intuition (internal radar) apply to the science of social engineering?

21:42 What is the most important part of body language to focus on when you first meet someone?

24:14 All about Innocent Lives Foundation and how it works to uncover online child predators  www.innocentlivesfoundation.org

27:32 What have you learned recently?

30:31  Diving into the 13 signs of dishonesty in Chris’ writing (he’s such a good sport to let us look at it in depth!)

42:28 Has Teresa ever seen scary dangerous writing in her podcast?

44:06 Who’s the Star Trek actor that has writing similar to Chris’s?

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