S3 Ep 6: Skeletons & Love Languages

Episode 6 February 09, 2021 00:29:08
S3 Ep 6: Skeletons & Love Languages
A Most Unusual T Party
S3 Ep 6: Skeletons & Love Languages

Feb 09 2021 | 00:29:08


Show Notes

Kirsi Bhasin is a lady with a mission that is all about uncompromising self-care. 

Her strength of will is clearly shown in her handwriting as well as her need for action. It's no surprise that her book includes practical, actionable and doable steps.

Listen in as we talk about what led her to becoming a coach, her need for privacy, her strength of will, her top 2 love lanaguages and of course, we try to spot her lie.  

Find Kirsi and her book at:  Recharge 

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