S3 Ep 14: Calm in the Storm with Dallas Curow

Episode 14 April 06, 2021 00:31:27
S3 Ep 14: Calm in the Storm with Dallas Curow
A Most Unusual T Party
S3 Ep 14: Calm in the Storm with Dallas Curow

Apr 06 2021 | 00:31:27


Show Notes

Dallas Curow's guiding light is finding the small joys in life and her handwriting reflects that philosophy. Not only is Dallas an incredible brand & portrait photographer, she is also an expert at finding artful ways to elevate everday life to support her kids, partner, business and bearded collie puppy named Pearl.

Discover the very distinctive T trait which prompts Teresa to mention her guest & the word "airhead" in the same sentence - much to Dallas' delight!

Follow Dallas on IG @dallascurow or check out her website at https://www.dallascurow.com/

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