S3 Ep 13: The Empowered Mind of Kayleigh Hanlon

Episode 13 March 30, 2021 00:30:34
S3 Ep 13: The Empowered Mind of Kayleigh Hanlon
A Most Unusual T Party
S3 Ep 13: The Empowered Mind of Kayleigh Hanlon

Mar 30 2021 | 00:30:34


Show Notes

Kayleigh Hanlin, Co-Founder of Empowered Minds and co-author of the J.O.Y. Journal for young women joins us at the Table for some letter talk - but for the first time ever, not the letter T!

We find out how her choice of pen and how much ink is left on the page tells us something very specific about Kayleigh's temperment and we reveal how her mom's influence shows up in her writing.

Find out more about Kayleigh at:

IG  @knhanlin @justownyou  

Empowered Minds Website



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