Episode 7 - A Life On Purpose with Margo Jenkins

Episode 6 August 18, 2020 00:19:34
Episode 7 - A Life On Purpose with Margo Jenkins
A Most Unusual T Party
Episode 7 - A Life On Purpose with Margo Jenkins

Aug 18 2020 | 00:19:34


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Career advice from the one and only Margo Jenkins of Coach Jenkins Inc. and a most unusual "T" analysis that reflects her individuality, creativity, enthusiasum and positivity. Discover what Margo learned from going through a period where she let people under her skin.

And find out how what's in her mug is turned into a life lesson.



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Speaker 0 00:00:03 Welcome. Speaker 1 00:00:05 Fill your mind. Join us at the table for the most unusual. Here's your host Teresa. Speaker 1 00:00:19 So welcome and thank you for joining us here today for our most unusual tea party. I'm Teresa Abrams, a handwriting analyst, and I've got my mug at hand. So what's inside of it. You're not going to find out until the very end. Our guest today is Margo Jenkins, a career counselor and founder of coach Jenkins. How are you doing today, Marco? I'm doing great. Thank you so much for inviting me. Can you tell our listeners a little bit about your company and what you do? So like you mentioned, my company's name is coach Jenkins. It is a career coaching business that I started to help people achieve their best lives through landing, the jobs that they truly want. And I founded it in 2018. Some of my top services include resume, cover letter and interview prep. And then I provide general career coaching and job search assistance. Speaker 1 00:01:13 Oh, I love it. You do all sorts of different things to help people land the job that is just right for them. Exactly you, Oh. Before we really go deeper into what makes you such an amazing career counselor. I want to take a look at that handwriting sample that you provided to me and just tell you this story that your T's have told me. Just remember for our listeners, anybody who hasn't heard this podcast before, I don't personally know my guests before inviting them onto the show. I leave it to their head writing to tell me what I need to know. Now, if you want to know more about that process, be sure to check out season one episode, one of the podcasts. Now, Margo, I loved the handwriting sample that you sent me. I'm always pretty insecure about my handwriting. So I'm really interested to see what you have to say. Speaker 1 00:02:07 That's a standard response I get from people when I tell them what I do is that they hate their handwriting. And they're very insecure about it. You have wonderful penmanship, Margo. Um, the thing with your teas that is really quite unusual is that you have very creative connections between your T and the next letter, if you look particularly at how you did time, the crossbar of your tea goes right into the bottom of the eye. And that is something that is unusual. It's not something that everybody does. What that means is when you do creative, things like that, where you have creative connections, it really means that you are resourceful and creative. So I think that would serve you very well. Being a career counselor, offering a whole range of services, but he's definitely something that you want to see. The other thing about your teeth, that's quite noteworthy is on many of them, the left hand tail is longer than the right hand tail. Speaker 1 00:03:06 So what that means is that lead in stroke before it hits the STEM is longer than after you hit the STEM. And you've done that more than three times. So in, in, in graphology, the golden rule is three. If you see something three times now you want to take notice, and you've done that more than three times. It is. It's actually quite significant. What is, that's a very dynamic movement to have. That is very, very dynamic. And if you imitate it, even just pretending that you're doing it, you can feel the excitement in it. You can feel the enthusiasm. And that's exactly what it means. It says that you aren't enthusiast. You do have excitement, um, and it's going to help you get what you want. That's great news, right? You have a slightly upward trend. So your baseline, it goes up totally flat. It goes up and that's a very positive sign. Speaker 1 00:04:03 So it means that not only are you going to be enthusiastic and you have excitement to go after what you want, it also means you're going to do it in a really positive way. So what do you think, how do we do with your T the tail of the teas? You, so this is really interesting and I really didn't know what to expect. And, you know, I was really excited to hear what you have to say, but, you know, this is something career coaching is something that I've been doing for my entire career. Um, but the entrepreneurship side of it is something that I only started just a couple of years ago. So the resourcefulness and the creativity, I'm glad to see that that's coming out in my writing, because that is something that I pride myself on, especially as an entrepreneur, trying to set myself apart. So that's really interesting. Yeah. And the positivity that can never be bad, right? Speaker 1 00:05:00 Upward trend is something that I always actually hate about my writing. And I try to pay more attention to the lines, you know, and stick to the line because was always floating in the middle of a space. But you know, I'm going to look at that as a positive, totally is don't follow the lines, don't paint yourself into a box, let it go. If it wants to focus your signature too. And that's something that you see in many successful people. When you look at entertainers or you look at CEOs, oftentimes you're going to see that their signature goes on an uphill. It is a sign of success. That is a sign of moving forward with enthusiasm and going after your goals. So you nurture that talent and you keep going with it. That's awesome. Yeah. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for being willing to put yourself up there and have it analyzed without knowing what to expect. It takes courage. And you said that you've always been doing career counseling, and it's only recently Speaker 2 00:05:58 That you decided to start your own business. What is it that inspired you to take that step? Yeah. So when I started it, it was kind of the opposite of everything that I learned in business school. You know, it was narrow it and make sure that you know exactly what you're going to do. And I was like, it's now or never. So I said, let's get it going. And then I'll narrow it down, which, like I said, they, they teach you pretty much the opposite, but now I'm starting to narrow it. And now that I'm starting to get really into it, I'm starting to have more targeted programming where my business professors will be proud that that gave you a direction to go. You knew where you needed to go to based on your training and your business instructors, but really to get started. You just need it to get in and get your feet wet before you can even find, yeah, it was just a simple, you know, I had to file the paperwork and I had to get my presence and, um, you know, just clicking that button to even start the Facebook and the Instagram pages was, so it was terrifying and invigorating all at the same time. Speaker 2 00:06:59 So I just had to get that part over with, and then, you know, start telling people that I'm going to do this now. And the more that I got comfortable with that, the more I'm finding comfort in growing with business and targeting my business and things like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can see how that would help for sure. Is there something specific about you, like in your personality that you think helps you do that? Speaker 2 00:07:26 Yeah. So there are a few different traits in my personality that have kind of led me to where I am. You know, I am a real champion of the people, so I really enjoy lifting others up and helping others be successful. And at the same time, um, I'm an idealist. So I really have this crazy notion that life can be great. And so, you know, that's where the service really the service aspect of my business is really my passion. It's what I believe in. Um, and then at the same time, the entrepreneurship, um, actually in my handwriting, you mentioned individuality, and that is something that I really pride myself on. That's something that has been ingrained in me since I was little, you know, you should be unique, you should pave your own path. And, um, I've really tried hard to make sure that I'm living by that. Speaker 2 00:08:24 So, you know, that's kind of what inspired me and gave me the courage to say, I'm going to do this because it's not, it's not a generic career path. And, you know, I just, it was a little bit nerve wracking to start something that's so far off the beaten path, but I did it and I feel great about it. So the important point that you brought up, um, it's not like you would have been in grade four saying to somebody, I want to be a career counselor. Right, right. It's not a typical career. It is something that, uh, you know, you kind of find through your own path that you're living. Exactly. And then you have to, you know, give yourself that permission to actually follow your passion and to follow that dream. Yes. That's a huge part of it is not being embarrassed about having these goals that are different from everybody else. Speaker 2 00:09:18 Um, now, like I said, I am still working full time, but I'm also at the same time building my business because I've identified that as a longterm life goal of mine, and I'm not afraid to say it, and I'm not afraid to put it out there in the universe and go after it. Beautiful, beautiful. That's what we need more of. Isn't it, it's more people who are not afraid to say what they want to go after and then do it. Yeah, I think so too. And that's, you know, really what the premise of my business is, is that, you know, sit down and really think about what do you want out of your life. What's gonna make you happy. What makes you feel fulfilled, identify that and then go get it. So, and don't be afraid of it and don't be ashamed of it and just really take hold of that and go after it. Speaker 2 00:10:05 That's that enthusiasm we were talking about in your tea bars right there. Yeah, exactly. I love it. Margo, what would you say is one of your biggest failures and what did you learn from it that helps you now? My biggest failure was not so much one event. It was more of a mindset. So there was a point in time in my life when I got really wrapped up in a negative situation and my personal life. Um, and I remember at that time I would really let others get under my skin. I would, I would spend a lot of time to have it being about it. I was using my own energy worrying about it, and it really consumed me for a period of time. And I let that get me off track. And so what I learned from that is that the power of the spoken word is incredible. Speaker 2 00:10:57 So everything that's spoken has weight. And when you give extra attention to a negative situation, you're giving it power. Um, and if you're constantly thinking about or talking about negative things, it's what your life is going to become. So I really made a conscious decision to stop talking about it, to really focus on what I can control and then to turn inward and work on myself. And because of that, my mindset just changed drastically. And it's something that I'm going to carry with me forever. Love it. And that's so true. The spoken word is just a reflection of our internal monologue that we have, except when we say it out loud, it gives it extra strength and extra weight. Exactly. Yeah. And of course, as a graph, just I take that in step further, even as if we put it on paper, now it even becomes more long lasting and more indelible. It's so true because like you said, kind of the energy behind the writing. I was so happy to hear that some of the things that I've been working toward were coming out in my handwriting. So that made me really excited to hear you say that. Speaker 1 00:12:04 What would be really interesting is to compare your handwriting now to what it was like during that time of negativity for you? That would be interesting. Yeah. I think you'd be quite surprised if you were to really look at it and not read the words that are on the paper, but just to look at form of the letters and the movement. I think it would be really interesting to see the difference there. Wow. Speaker 2 00:12:26 Maybe a project for a later time. Speaker 1 00:12:28 Wouldn't that be fun? So what would you say for anybody that's listening to you and there's like, okay, I'm kind of at this. As you know, in between point I'm looking at navigating maybe a new job, a new career, what would be your top tip for them Speaker 2 00:12:45 Or navigating into a new job? I would say the first thing that you should do is really take a minute and figure out what's, Speaker 1 00:12:56 Um, you say, figure out what's important to you. Are you talking like professionally? Are you talking personally? What's your context? Speaker 2 00:13:05 It's a little bit of everything for me. I'm my best self when I'm a paying attention to every quadrant in my life. Unfortunately, you know, I'm the kind of person who can work myself to the point of exhaustion. And so for me, I'm finding success by purposely making time for fun and relaxation, and then, you know, believe it or not, it's actually led to more success in my business because I'm more relaxed and more focused when I am working on it. But for anybody who's looking at, or not sure of where to go in their life, I would say, take a look at your entire life and what are those goals? And then how exactly does that fit in to your career? How does your career fit into your overall life? Instead of the opposite? You know, a lot of people will say, how can I make my life happen around my career? Speaker 2 00:13:55 Figure out the opposite, flip it. So I think it's really easy for most people to get wrapped up in the day to day and just kind of let life happen to you. And so one thing that actually changed my life over the last couple of years, and especially I've really dug deep into it over the last six months is sitting down and digging deep and identifying what my best life really means to me. And so at one point I sat down and I asked myself if I could do anything with limitless possibilities, what would it be? And what I found from that inspired me and it gave me incentive to work harder. And so I would say to anybody that it's important to note that it's really important to understand that everybody's life in best life is different and that's completely okay. So it's identifying what makes you feel truly fulfilled and that's what matters. And that's up to that person to determine what that is. Speaker 1 00:14:48 Yes. How you feel is going Speaker 2 00:14:52 To be different from anybody else. Exactly. Right. So just because somebody says, well, you know, or earning a million dollars is going to be fulfilled, doesn't mean that's the same way you're going to feel fulfilled. Yeah. One person's fulfillment might be, you know, a mansion and a Ferrari, whereas the other one wants to live off grid and the woods and, you know, both are equally fulfilling lives to different people. And so I'm kind of curious about that. If you did win a million dollars and now money is off the table, it's no longer any sort of obstacle for you. What is it that you would do a million dollar? Let's see, what would I do? That's a good question. Well, first of all, I've been following Dave Ramsey lately, and I'm not sure if you're familiar with him, but the first thing that I would do is pay off my debt because he says, you have to take care of your four walls first. Speaker 2 00:15:43 And so I will pay off the debt so that we can live stress-free um, you know, and then I would take care of my family, my mom and dad and my husband's mom and dad and the kids and everything else. Um, and then, you know, it's really funny though, is so far I haven't said that I would quit my business. Nope. I wouldn't. I don't think that I would actually, um, well, first of all, a million dollars in the grand scheme of things is probably not quite enough to quit, but, you know, even if it was, I really don't think that I would, my business gives me life and it really fills me up. So there you are. You're actually living your advice where you said, build your life about what fulfills you and your job compliments that. Yes, exactly. So you know that your job shouldn't be something that you dread every day, you know, and you may not love every single piece of your job, but your job should never make you feel negative. Speaker 2 00:16:40 It should really be something that you're proud of. Um, my husband always says, if you can't sign your name on it and be proud that I did that, then don't even bother doing it. So, you know, and that always has resonated with me. Yeah. That's really good. That whole, can you be personally proud of this or not? Exactly. Alright. Well, thank you so much for sharing that as we wrap up, I'm just kinda curious if you could name this episode, what would it be? I might call it life on purpose and I hope, I hope that that's not already taken. Speaker 2 00:17:14 Um, but I just really think that, and I know I haven't said something along these same lines already, but I really think it's so important to identify your purpose and live it. You just have one life, don't waste it doing anything that you're not passionate about. You know, we spend way too much time in our life at work to settle for something that doesn't completely fire you up and make you feel great. I totally agree with you. And, you know, speaking as somebody who is on a career path, that is a little bit off of the beaten track, most people have never even heard of graphology and what Speaker 1 00:17:50 A graphologist does. I would agree with that. So, you know, find what it is that makes you feel good and then follow it. Everything will fall into place. If you just commit and say, this is what I want. Exactly. I really believe that you follow your passion and the money will follow. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for sharing that. I know I've got my mug. I'm actually really drinking tea today. Cause it's cold, even though it's supposed to be summer here, it's cold drinking tea today. I'm curious if you had a monk and what you were drinking today. I do have a mug that says crazy cat lady on it. Speaker 1 00:18:29 It's a really big mug and it's pull over really strong coffee. So I live by that saying it's life is too short for bad coffee. After that life is too short for bad coffee and bad jobs. And that's really the moral of my story. Thank you for sharing that, Marco. Alright, so I just want to thank you so much for taking time to meet with us and be willing to share something that's kind of personal and allowing us to look at it as well as what you do for a business and for your life. I really appreciate you taking the time. Thank you again so much for having me. This was really fun. Thanks for listening. If you're wanting to hear more from Teresa and her guests, be sure to subscribe on the platform of your choice for handwriting underscore. If you would like to contact Margo Jenkins for some career counseling, you can do [email protected] or follow her on Instagram, her handle is at coach Jenkins, inc.

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