Episode 1 - The 3 Messages

Episode 1 Getting to Know Me July 21, 2020 00:12:55
Episode 1 - The 3 Messages
A Most Unusual T Party
Episode 1 - The 3 Messages

Jul 21 2020 | 00:12:55


Show Notes

Welcome to the first ever episode of A Most Unusual T Party where it is the Letter T (and not the drinkable tea) that brings us together and is the topic of discussion as we discover what tales it can tell. 

Thank you for joining Teresa Abram, your host and professional handwriting analyst as well as founder of Handwriting PI, a business built to help companies navigate the challenges of employee selection, retention and security and following her into the world of handwriting analysis.

In this episode, Teresa talks about the 3 different messages your hand written communications contain, why the letter T was chosen for this podcast series, what graphology is based on and what graphology is NOT based on. So put on your headphones, get comfy and settle in to listen to today’s conversation.

Few people know much about how this works and most are downright skeptical, which is understandable given their limited exposure to the facts. You my new friend, are clearly one of the curious and open to new methods of gaining information about what makes you and those around you, tick.

To help you get the most of future podcasts, this episode talks about some of the understandings and initial beliefs that underpin the world of graphology.

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