Episode 0 - Intro

Episode 0 Intro July 18, 2020 00:01:24
Episode 0 - Intro
A Most Unusual T Party
Episode 0 - Intro

Jul 18 2020 | 00:01:24


Show Notes

What is A Most Unusual Tea party all about? Who is a graphologist and what relevance does it have to you? Did you know that the Letter “T” can be formed in over 450 different ways and each form of the letter “T” tells a different tale about the writer. But why, in today’s world of computers, texting, typing and swiping, spend the time to focus on something that is written by hand anyway?

During the most unusual T parties, I invite unusual, fascinating and successful entrepreneurs onto the show to delve into their hand written form of communication – the study of which is known as graphology.  I rely on the science and art of analyzing each guests hand written letter “T” to tell me something that I would not have otherwise known , giving us a deeper look into the fascinating minds of the people I have on the show and understanding what makes them tick.

Join me, Teresa Abram, every Tuesday for A most Unusual T Party where we will have candid and vulnerable conversations to discover what helps my guests take the path the less travelled, overcome failure and live their best lives possible. 

And you never know, what you learn every Tuesday over a cup of coffee or tea or whisky at the Most Unusual T Party. . . could help you succeed on your own fascinating journey.

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