A Most Unusual T Party

--- Teresa Abram ---

Ever notice how everyone's handwriting is unique? Join professional handwriting analyst Teresa Abram as she explores the nuances of the letter T and talks about life with unusual and fascinating guests. If you are curious about what handwriting can reveal, fill your mug and listen in.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Deep Understandings Part 2 Episode 2:4 with Robin Dreeke

    In Part 2 of "Deep Understandings", we go deep and discover a connection between Robin's "i" dot and Star Trek; discuss whether its possible to trust the newspapers; hone in on the time that Robin went on to secure world peace and avoided nuclear war and hear Teresa deploy the ...


  2. Deep Understandings Part 1 Episode 2:3 with Robin Dreeke

    Robin Dreeke is a vetern FBI counterintellegience agent who was head of the Behavioural Analysis Program and has become a best-selling author and founder of the People Formula which focuses on how to build trust between team members and in relationships. But know what we most adore about Robin? The fact ...


  3. Stay Hungry - Episode 2:2

    See how we can spot a sense of humor in handwriting as well as the first ever "Spot the Lie" segment for A Most Unusual T Party.  Have you ever wondered how someone can go from being scared of bees to caring for millions of them? Find out as we talk ...


  4. cApitAl A is Awesome - Episode 2:1

    Welcome back for our Second Season! An overview of some changes coming up in Season 2 plus discover 2 incredibly unique features that show up in John Lee Dumas' handwriting, only one of which is related to his T. Also find out what adds a bit of spice to life, according to ...



    What if .... you could create massive change in your life and in the word?What if . . . you feel called to do something more? How do you take action? How do you know what is the next step to take? How can you open the floodgates to taking ...