A Most Unusual T Party

--- Teresa Abram ---

Ever notice how everyone's handwriting is unique? Join professional handwriting analyst Teresa Abram as she explores the nuances of the letter T and talks about life with unusual and fascinating guests. If you are curious about what handwriting can reveal, fill your mug and listen in.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. CuriosiTy Episode 2:9 with Michael Ashford

    An American and a Canadian with a passion for asking questions get together to analyze Ts and shoot the breeze . . . curious to find out what happens? Have a listen! ...


  2. So Mote It Be Episode 2:8

    What comes to mind when you think of a witch? Hermione or Willow? Salem or New Orleans? Listen in as we discuss the T of this Canadian green hedge witch and how to stir your coffee. ...


  3. Organized Chaos Episode 2:7

    What does a full stack marketer at Castos have in common with TV's Mad Men?  Turns out, not very much. ...


  4. Dream Bigger Babe Episode 2:6

    What does Kimono Envy, 100 Women Who Care (Edmonton), a skincare company and a Woman's Networking Community have in common?  This lady at the helm.   ...


  5. Beyond the T with Lilly Wang

    An episode that's all about the Ts and the Ps and the Os and the Es and so much more! Listen in as we take a close look at what makes Coach Lilly Wang tick. ...