A Most Unusual T Party

--- Teresa Abram ---

Ever notice how everyone's handwriting is unique? Join professional handwriting analyst Teresa Abram as she explores the nuances of the letter T and talks about life with unusual and fascinating guests. If you are curious about what handwriting can reveal, fill your mug and listen in.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Krazy Gratitude with Kym Simon

    Kym Simon. Krazy energy. Krazy optimism. Krazy talented. A fellow Spud Buddy and . . . leader of the T Party's first ever sing-a-long! ...


  2. Amanda Wagner Christmas Memories

    Let's talk about big ambition, theories, gold stars and gravey - Christmas style of course. ...



    Canadian musician, entertainer, paratrooper and retired Major of the Canadian Armed Forces, Michael Mitchell talks about his first album from 1984 which was a tribute to the men and women who have gone to war as well as some memorable moments of military life. ...


  4. Gateway to Freedom Episode 2:11

    Ever wonder how a blues musician starts his mornings? Ever curious about what he is most proud of? Ever wonder what advice he would have to give about living in challenging times? Listen to this episode and wonder no more!  Plus hear how his "T" let's us know he is ...


  5. Talking Tushy & T

    Who is the VP of Fecal Matters at Hello Tushy and what can we learn about her from her T? And her T Shirt? ...