A Most Unusual T Party

--- Teresa Abram ---

Ever notice how everyone's handwriting is unique? Join professional handwriting analyst Teresa Abram as she explores the nuances of the letter T and talks about life with unusual and fascinating guests. If you are curious about what handwriting can reveal, fill your mug and listen in.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. S3 Ep8: Law, Leadership & Podcasting with Michelle St Jane

    This week we have handwriting that is a feast for a graphologist's eyes from podcaster Michelle St Jane. We talk about side to side margins, various "t"s, fluid "f"s, deceptions and Love Languages! What does it all add up to? It indicates career changes, enjoyment of taking on new challenges, a curious ...


  2. S3 Ep 7: Compassionate Communication with Lindsay Bennett

    Graduate student, entrepreneur and compassionate communication expert and Love Language facilitator   Find her at: www.withlindsaybennett.com   IG @withlindsaybennett  ...


  3. S3 Ep 6: Skeletons & Love Languages

    Kirsi Bhasin is a lady with a mission that is all about uncompromising self-care.  Her strength of will is clearly shown in her handwriting as well as her need for action. It's no surprise that her book includes practical, actionable and doable steps. Listen in as we talk about what led her ...


  4. S3 Ep 5: "O" for Integrity

    We talk about indecision, integrity and Amanda O'Rourke's most defining letter (the letter "O") and what insights her award winning handwriting gives us! Amanda is the founder of Amanda O'Rourke Coaching and is the go to coach for high achieving women looking for inner calm and peace.  Contact Amanda at: https://happycoach.co.uk/ IG:  @amandaorcoach ...


  5. S3 Ep. 4 What happens after you decline to meet the Grim Reaper?

    Sue Curr. Firecracker. Intellectual. A story to share that could have ended poorly indeed but she survived and uses it to inspire and motivate Professional Swans to fear less and live more. Listen to find out what a Professional Swan is and what Sue's love language is! Plus . . . a ...